GM Announces GM Europe President Transition
Nick Reilly to Retire in March 2012, Karl Stracke Assumes His Position in January 2012
A Škoda Hamarosan Megkezdi a Rapid Exportját Indiai Üzeméből
A cseh autógyártó a közeljövőben kezdi meg Indiában gyártott autói exportját a szomszédos országokba
Škoda Plans Exports of Rapid from India Plant
Czech car maker Škoda may start exporting cars manufactured in India to neighbouring RHD markets in the future
Fiat Investment Deal in Serbia Is Under Scrutiny by Anti-Corruption Council
Serbian media is awash with news on a controversy surrounding the Anti-Corruption Council's investigation
Hungarian State to Buy Rába Automotive Group
The Hungarian state, via the National Asset Management Zrt. (NAM), has made a public takeover bid to buy automotive group Rába at a proce of HUF 815 per share
Ukraine to Import Annually 48,000 Cars Duty-Free from EU Countries
Ukraine has agreed with the European Union on duty-free imports of 48 thousand cars a year
Ukrajna Évi 48.000 Autót Importálhat Vámmentesen az EU Országaiból
Ukrajna évi 48.000 autó vámmentes importjáról állapodott meg az Európai Unióval
EU Approves Russia’s WTO Membership
Brussels and Moscow have agreed on terms which help to protect EU jobs in the car and components' industry from moving to Russia
Elektromos Töltőállomás-Hálózatot Épít Ki az E.ON Magyarországon
Az E.ON még az idén megkezdi a Budapestet Béccsel összekötő út elektromos töltőállomásokkal való felszerelését
E.ON Builds Electric Charging Station Network in Hungary
E.ON is planning to begin the installation of electric charging stations along the road between Budapest and Vienna this year
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