Škoda Builds New Engine Testing Center

Škoda Builds New Engine Testing Center

Today, the foundation stone for a new assembly testing center will be laid at Škoda Auto. Škoda will invest more than €34 million in the expansion of the existing technology and development center in Česana near the company’s headquarters in Mladá Boleslav.

The core of the new assembly testing center will consist of 15 engine testing facilities with capacities ranging from 250 to 400 kW. In the future, besides testing new generations of engines as they are prepared for series production, highly dynamic tests on the most powerful 400 kW test stand shall also be possible. Six other special test stands will be utilized for functional and endurance tests of individual components and systems of internal combustion engines.

Within the framework of the expansion, Škoda plans to create new jobs in technical development. At least 40 new specialists are to be hired successively; other highly qualified jobs could also be created by external suppliers.

With the facility in Česana, Škoda has the third-largest development center within the Volkswagen Group. The existing Škoda Technology Center was put into operation in 2008 and has been continuously expanded ever since.

21 new engine and component testing facilities are the core of the new €34 million center