Kia Motors Slovakia Achieves Record Results in Car Production in 1H2012

Kia Motors Slovakia Achieves Record Results in Car Production in 1H2012

At the beginning of this year the company launched the third work shift and volume production of a new model Kia cee’d in April. The new model significantly contributed to the production growth in the second quarter of 2012 which represents 17-per-cent year-on-year growth with 80,000 produced vehicles. Moreover, the engine production recorded a 22-per-cent increase with 237,000 produced units compared to 2011. In 2012, the company also invests into the production of new models, engines as well as the extension of the consolidation centre located in the plant area.

Currently, the production of a new Kia cee’d_sw is being tested. During the summer two-week shutdown at the turn of July and August, the production lines will be modified for a new three-door model Kia cee’d production.

The plant produces a new model of Kia cee’d, a sport-utility model Kia Sportage and a small multi-purpose vehicle Kia Venga. The Kia Sportage has represented almost 50 per cent out of the overall production in 2012. The remaining part has been represented by Kia cee'd (37 per cent) and Kia Venga (13 per cent). More than 149,000 vehicles were exported to Russia (20 per cent), Great Britain (12 per cent), Germany (11 per cent), France (7 per cent), Italy (5 per cent), and other European countries. Only 1 per cent from the production remained for the Slovak market.

During the first six months in 2012, KMS produced more than 149,000 vehicles which represents a 10 per cent year-on-year growth