500,000th Superb Rolls off Line at Škoda’s Kvasiny Plant

500,000th Superb Rolls off Line at Škoda’s Kvasiny Plant

Škoda’s flagship, the Škoda Superb, has added another chapter to its success story, topping the mark of 500,000 units produced. The jubilee vehicle, a white Superb Combi Laurin & Klement, rolled off the line today at Škoda’s Kvasiny plant in the Czech Republic.

“Half a million Škoda Superb produced – that is a number which makes us proud,” said Škoda CEO Winfried Vahland. “The Škoda Superb is our brand’s flagship. It shows the great capability of the entire Škoda team and symbolises like hardly any other model our company’s outstanding performance. Since we introduced the car eleven years ago, total sales of our model palette have almost doubled,” said Vahland.

The Škoda Superb is sold in 85 countries worldwide. In 2011, the brand delivered about 117,000, topping the mark of 100,000 Superb sold for the first time. Škoda’s flagship first went on sale in China in 2009 and has since become one of the most popular models in its segment. In 2011, 40 per cent of all Superbs sold worldwide went to customers in China.

In 2001, the Škoda Superb saw its sales debut as Škoda’s then fourth model line. 136,068 units of the car’s first generation rolled off the line. The second-generation ŠKODA Superb has been a success on international markets as a saloon since 2008 and also as a Combi. To date, 363,932 have been built.

Worldwide Superb sales first topped 100,000 in 2011