Shape Corporation to Open its First European Plant in Plzen

Shape Corporation to Open its First European Plant in Plzen

PLZEN, Czech Republic - US-based supplier Shape Corporation will open its first European production facility for manufacturing automotive impact energy management systems and other structural rollformed components in the western Bohemian city of Plzen. Shape Corporation plans to hire production workers, as well suppliers in the areas of the automotive industry, logistics and packaging services in the Plzen region. The first production line will begin operating this month; full operation will start a year later, when 125 employees should work there.

“In the past year and a half Plzen and its surroundings have frequently been the destination for new investment projects from abroad. The region’s advantage lies in its very close proximity to Europe’s biggest market, Germany, and perfect infrastructure in the form of high-quality motorway connections and prepared business properties. Together with an abundance of skilled workers with much lower wage demands than those found a few tens of kilometres to the west, this is truly an outstanding starting position in negotiations with foreign investors,” explains Miroslav Křížek, CEO of CzechInvest.

Shape Corporation chose the Czech Republic due to the country’s location in the heart of Europe, its industrial past and the abundance of workers with experience in the automotive industry. The new plant will be opened in January 2011 in the Skvrnany suburb of Plzen. “We decided for Plzen due to its strategic location and proximity to markets in western Europe, where many of our customers operate,” explains Mark White, Vice President – European Operations. “No later than by 2012 we want to employ 125 new workers there in production positions and in the firm’s management,” he adds.

Shape will have a capacity of approximately four million manufactured parts per year. Production will involve the use of state-of-the-art technologies for which the company has developed. “We have developed several unique designs and process technologies allowing us to form ultra high-strength steels into complex shapes. This manufacturing technology is a key competitive advantage that has allowed Shape Corporation to become a world leader in automotive impact energy management applications. In addition to advanced rollforming, we will have special forming, bending and robotic welding operations in our new plant in Plzen,” says Mark White, Vice President – European Operations.

In cooperation with CzechInvest, Shape Corporation is in the process of selecting for the new plant suppliers of pressed metal parts, plastic injection-moulded components, cataphoresis painting, packaging and logistics services, as well as suppliers of tools, forms, measuring instruments and other accessories for the production line. Firms from the region will be given priority. “Shape requested that we mediate contacts to possible suppliers in Plzen and its surrounding area. We selected suitable firms from the unique supplier database which CzechInvest created and is continually updating. At this time, personal meetings are being held with companies whose product profile corresponds to the investor’s needs,” says Krizek.
Source: CzechInvest

Shape is to manufacture automotive impact energy management systems and other structural rollformed components
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